Terms and Conditions

Regulation and Conditions for the Participation of “win a trip to porto for 2”

1. Contest Description 1.1. The contest “Win a trip to Porto for 2”, is promoted by the company Fh2h, Lda, hereinafter referred to as “Maskk” and will comply with the conditions set out in the following clauses:

a) The Contest consists of the offer of 1 Trip to Porto for two people. It includes travel costs, accommodation, the opportunity to participate in the production of a Maskk photoshoot and meeting the whole team. The participant whose entry is considered the most creative by the Maskk jury, according to criteria of creativity and adequacy. b) The Contest starts on the 3rd of March 2022 and ends on the 16th of March 2022.

2. Participation Conditions

a) The participation in this contest is open to individuals residing in Europe, over 18 years of age, with an active Instagram account.

b) The Participation is linked to the purchase of one or more masks on maskk.com. None of these purchases can be exchanged or returned.

c) To be able to win the prize, participants must buy 1 mask from maskk (any model) until the 16th of March 2022. At the time of purchase, participants must indicate that they want to participate in the campaign and must write a creative sentence about Maskk. Related to one of these themes: sustainability, functionality or fashion/identity. The sentence must be about one of the topics above or as many as you would like to use, as long as it is related to maskk. The contest sentence must be written in the competition area, in the checkout time on maskk.com

d) Each participant can participate as many times as they want. Participation will only be validated if you follow all the terms and conditions in this regulation. In case of there being a violation of the rules specified here, Maskk may disqualify the participant without prior notice.

f) The winner will be selected by a Maskk jury, according to creativity and adequacy. Maskk reserves the right to exclude the participation of the contest the individuals who violate any of these terms and conditions. If necessary, the participation may be revoked later.

3. Prize

a. The prize consists in winning a double trip to Porto, that includes: i. Airplane/train ticket to Porto with the right to one piece of luggage per passenger; ii. Airport-Hotel and Hotel-Airport Transfers; iii. 1 night accommodation in a 4-star hotel (or similar) in a double room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included; iv. Travel insurance; v. The opportunity to participate in a Maskk Photoshoot Production vi. The opportunity to meet the team behind Maskk vii. You can choose the follwoing dates for the travel: Option 1: 01/04/2022 – 03/04/2022 Option 2: 08/04/2022 – 10/04/2022 Option 3: 06/05/2022 – 08/05/2022

viii. Travel booking is subject to availability at the time of booking.

b) 1 single prize will be awarded for the duration of the competition.

3.1 Attribution of Prizes

a) As this is a competition, there will be no draw for the attribution of prizes in at any time, depending on the exclusive attribution of the participation of the users, in accordance with the terms and rules contained in this regulation.

b) The winner will be announced on Maskk’s Instagram page and will be contacted through our instagram profile or the email you indicated at the time of order/participation, within a maximum period of 3 working days after the end of the competition.

c) If the prize is not requested in a timely manner (working time equivalent to 10 days after the end of the campaign) the participant will not be able to receive his prize for this has not been claimed following the requirements for such.

d) Maskk is not responsible for the impossibility of contacting the participants winners if contact details provided do not work or do not allow contact by maskk.

e) The impossibility of contact or the non-acceptance of the same does not give the winner the right to any compensation.

f) If fraud is suspected, participants will be eliminated from the competition without early warning.

4. Liability for Use and Rights

a) The correct performance of the participation is the responsibility of the user, exempting himself from Maskk of any responsibility for any computer errors that prevent the validation of participation.

b) Maskk does not take responsibility for providing contact details that are not function or do not allow contact by Maskk.

4.1 assignment of rights

a) The participant guarantees that he/she is the owner and is entitled to all information provided in the competition, and/or that this right has been granted to you by the respective owner.

b) Each participant authorizes Maskk to disclose their name, irrevocably and free of charge, without entitlement to any compensation. If you wish to object to transmission of your data to other companies for marketing activities, indicate this when you provide us with your data by contacting Maskk via the support email [email protected]

c) The other personal data provided are intended for the processing and registration of participation in the present application as well as subsequent contacts.

5. Unlawful Acts

Maskk will eliminate and denounce all participants who practice illegal acts, namely:

a) Creation of routines or subroutines, by computer means, that may distort the real hobby nature. b) Defamation, insults, threats and/or abuse of the name and/or image of users of page and/or the reputation and prestige of the brand and/or other property rights industrial. c) Posting repeated and non-constructive messages. d) Public order disturbances that include spamming, sending commercial letters not requested or chained by private or public messages, presentation of illegal, flooding, etc. e) Use of computer programs, or any other technical artifice (commonly called “hacking” or « cheating »).

f) Use of expressions that incite violence, intolerance, xenophobia, racism, or any other form of discrimination or crime.

g) Participation in the competition for purposes contrary to the law, which suppose harm to third parties, or that in any way harm the honor, dignity, image, intimacy, ideologies, religious beliefs or any other legally recognized by third parties.

h) The user cannot assume the identity of another person using for this purpose identification data.

i) Sending content of a sexual nature, which infringes on rights of privacy, intimacy, confidentiality, intellectual property, industrial property, or publicity, including the disclosure of private information about any individual or organization. j) Creation and use of fake emails. k) In the event of non-compliance with these rules, the user may be prevented from participating in the contest for a variable period, being also subject to the sanctions provided for in the Portuguese law on personality rights and corresponding responsibility civil and criminal. The data obtained through participation may be made available to the determination of civil and criminal liability, by means of a warrant from the judicial authority competent.

6. Final considerations

a) Any and all activity, even in an attempted form, that seeks to gain an advantage through of acts that do not respect or distort the objective of the present action will be considered illegal, reserving to Maskk the right to cancel and/or exclude the corresponding participants without any prior notice and without any justification.

b) Maskk reserves the right to terminate, amend, shorten, delay or extend this application at any time, in the event of any illegal or fraudulent activity, or some external fact, beyond the control of the organization, that affects the proper functioning of the contest. In these circumstances, users will not be entitled to any type of compensation.

c) The requested elements are mandatory for participation. Personal data will be inserted in a computer file under the responsibility of Maskk and are intended for the processing and management of this hobby.

d) Cases not covered by this regulation will be resolved by Maskk and its decisions will not be appealed.

PORTO, 17 of February 2022